About us

We are a group of people who are inspired by Bitcoin’s potential to make a positive impact on the world. We are optimistic about a future in which the power to control one’s wealth is put into the hands of every individual. Where everyone is able to hold money and transact without needing a bank. Where it is impossible to inflate the money supply and impoverish the currency holders. Where nobody is excluded.

We built Rise Wallet because we wanted a user-friendly way to introduce Bitcoin to our friends and family. Our mission is to help people get started with Bitcoin and educate them on how to use it properly. Doing so makes them independent from any wallet or service, including our own. We designed the gift card product specifically to encourage our users to start with small amounts, focus on learning and preserve their privacy.

3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6060
Toronto, M4N 3N1, Canada
General Inquiries: hello@risewallet.com Support: support@risewallet.com

Miljan Braticevic Founder and CEO Previously head of Microsoft Toronto
Development Centre and CEO of Datazen,
Miljan is a veteran entrepreneur with a
background in enterprise software. Currently
having way too much fun building user
experiences for Bitcoin.
Caroline Soucy Director of Operations Caroline held Director-level positions at
Canadian national broadcasters, where
she managed large teams and was
accountable for P&L. At Rise Wallet,
Caroline is responsible for managing
Marko Stijak CTO Formerly Head of IT at Banjaluka Stock
Exchange and IOI bronze medalist, Marko
co-founded Codaxy and is the creator of the
CxJS framework. At Rise Wallet, Marko is
responsible for systems architecture and
Igor Timarac Director of Development A co-founder and CTO of Codaxy, Igor was
previously a part of the IT team at Banjaluka
Stock Exchange. With a background in
building distributed real-time systems, Igor
brings full stack architecture and
development expertise to Rise Wallet.
Vid Malesevic Back-end Developer Being a Business Intelligence Consultant
& BI Tech Lead in multiple industries, Vid has
acquired very diverse business and technical
skills. At Rise Wallet, Vid is responsible for
the architecture and implementation of the
back-end system components.
Marko Sikirica Front-end Developer Marko specializes in web design,
UX design, and JavaScript programming.
His background in architectural engineering,
artistic talent and out of the box thinking
makes his work distinguishable as both
beautiful and easy to use.